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In the knife business there are big names and brands. The path to recognition of a master is always a long and hard work. Luxurius folding knife, lying in the pocket, tell you about its owner as well as watches that a person wears on his arm. Compare these knives to each other, trying to figure out which one is better is pointless and incorrect, as there are different types of knives and stylistic directions, different levels of decoration, with dissimilar from each other and locks opening and closing mechanisms. However, this does not beg on their own merits.

In our country there is no history as such, making folding knives - everything you can remember, it\\\'s three or four models of the Soviet period, the ugly quality and utterly useless blades. In the west there is a long knife culture.
The project was conceived Custom knives in order to acquaint the public with the recess in the blade work, which is just beginning to emerge in our country. Emphasis is placed on folding knives and knives with fixed blades, made
​​in a single copy by hand.
In the world and in Russia in particular there is a certain knife market, where each manufacturer has its own copyright knives and a consumer niche. Knives are dedicated to the whole show, albums and journals.


Each master over the years produced unique and recognizable style. In the manufacture of special materials are used. On the blade is either damask, damask, or high-carbon powder steel corrosion. Materials linings - titanium, stainless steel 416, bronze. For the handles are commonly used different exotic varieties of stabilized wood, ivory, mammoth tooth, several types of nacre, which makes the products colorful and highly original look while they are practical to use - the material is stabilized shrink or swell.
Copyright knives are very laborious work. This applies to all - from the manufacture of the blade opening mechanism and fixing and finishing techniques, which made the picture. Creating images on the handle - a separate form of decorative art. In this field work with world-famous engravers. The level of skill is beyond praise. The complexity of the work affects the way a pure high-tech and executed engraving, inlaid with gold, silver or copper. In many of widely used technique of "bowline" when the image is applied to the metal under a microscope with a fine needle points in different sizes and depths. The resulting image has a smoother tones and look very convincing, as on paper. The number of points reaches one thousand five hundred per square millimeter! In other cases the master works in the art of engraving bar - and here the subtlety and precision of the lines is surprising. It happens that the engraver combines both techniques work - "bowline" to transfer the soft tones of the skin with body image or shape, and shaded engraved ornaments and "cutting" plant decoration.
Selecting a particular knife is determined by the personal preferences of the buyer and his aesthetic taste. Of course, the price of these knives can
We must understand that afford a knife costing thousands of dollars or euros can not imagine anyone but those who can - obviously refers to the aesthetes and discerning connoisseur of fine art. We also offer a look only a small part of what is genuine interest among fans of weapons-grade art.