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Shaun and Sharla Hansen

Shaun and Sharla Hansen, the husband and wife team from Bluffdale Utah, are the epitome of “sole authorship” knifemakers. They work together every step of the way, from the forge to the final finish. Full time makers since selling their first knife in 1998, their highly carved and engraved folding and automatic custom and art knives have drawn attention at shows, in knife publications, and around the world. Shaun and Sharla make only about a dozen knives a year, and each one seems to break new ground. Whether its Shauns newest pattern damascus or Sharlas unique carving in various handle materials like black lip, gold lip, or white mother of pearl and Mammoth or Walrus ivory, each effort turns into an instantly collectable knife. Shaun has won the “Best New Maker” award in New York and the “Jim Schmidt” award at the Atlanta Blade Show among other honors. He has mastered several engraving techniques, and continues to develop his own flair for style and individuality in his creations. Every serious collection should feature at least one original Hansen designed knife.