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You can buy this amazing knife "Angel and Devil" only at our workshop-studio!!!

The main idea of this knife is a confrontation between goodness and evil.

On the one side, you can see feminine angel with a white wings, from the other side you can see a feminine devil with black wings, sitting on a human`s bones.

The autor made a good black and white palette, which successfully fitted to this theme.

Engraving was made by famous russian engraver Ivan Davyskyba. He is working with our workshop-studio more than 3 year, and during this time we brought to lifelots of interesting artistic ideas.

Available for purchase.


Dear friends!

You have an opportunity to buy a beautiful knife made by S.W.Sawby and D.Danilin!

This knife is made from steel ATS-34, ash burlwood and gold 999.


We are happy to introduce a beautiful folder by Juergen Steinau!


Fred Carter is one of the most talanted knifemaker of our days.

Carter won many prizes for his knives, such as prize W. W. Cronk at the Guild knife show and Beretta award for mastery. He often tryes to make knives in simple style, his works have elegant slow lines and it is decorated with engraving and gold work. All his knives are author's works in a single copy. 

Knife "Dragonfly" is a good example of it.





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